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Store agents

Our company PerfectoRemodel corp. information it's in all this physical stores for any consultation:

hair salons 

  • name of the salon:
  • addres:
  • phone:
  • advertising: 









any other 


here is 


- just 

call/text here:


Note for all business owners:

        if you have any business, websites, or you do any advertising in general and you can advertise all our popular services like painting, drywall, carpentry, bathroom, roofing, decks, landscaping (you can make nice headlines and description for your ads in your business or websites) etc..., when people ask for any our services. you as business owner or tell your employees in general first collect or ask for customer information and after tell them that PERFECTOREMODEL CORP. will call :

This information we need :

  1.  name
  2.  telephone number 
  3.  and what work needs ?

                   With above information that you have, you call or text us at our cellphone (516)828-1324 and wait until we try to approve it. 

if we sell any remodeling jobs, you earn $ 50 flat fee      

 thank you 


sample advertising for your website or any store or advertising please click here to see in pdf

an idea :

  • some physical store or online store write down in a piece of paper all the service like painting,drywall,bathroom,masonry, etc.. and place it in their billboard advertising and put themself their phone number and when people call, all people will call the business owner or the store and collect the information or simple the customer will ask directly for contact of our construction business in which you know, first their information, after tell them that perfectoremodel corp. will call them. 
  • some business put in their advertising like magazine, newspaper, etc.. a little note and if people call, they only get the information of the homeowner and give it to us. 
  • All contractors that does not do it certain trades, make some money with us, the contractors only collect the phone number, name, and what they need it. and that's it - we try it and if it's sold the work , we pay to the conctractor for each prospect $ 50  


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