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free things if you ask

Free stuff if you ask:  read in PDF

ü We coordinate your time with our time so the project will be done the right time and day

ü Free search for any store like paint, lumber, flooring, etc.. close to you so your shopping is the best

ü There are reports to your phone with all the pictures or videos of your work before and after

ü You don’t have cash, no problem we take credit cards or debit card over the phone.

ü Pay instantly with your bank check, just sending the image back/front of the check to our phone

ü We can make a list of materials, you verify it then we submit it to any store like homedepot or lowes

ü Our phone is active 24 hours and 7 days in the week – talk time is 7am to 11pm

ü  Direct deals with the president of the company.

ü We are able to give you one price included materials; you only need to point what you want to change.

ü Buy money orders from banks or usps postal offices. We accept them for payment.

ü Free consultation with experience by texting the image of any photos taken of your projects to our cellphone.

ü You are able to send videos to our cellphones to see and talk about it.

ü Free trust from us, we pay all materials and you reimburse us when all materials is in your house.

ü If you don’t want the foreman for any reason who saw your work but you like the price, free change of personal instantly.


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