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make money with referral program

THERE ARE WAYS TO EARN MONEY with referral ways

$ 50

our free estimates, so if we go to some homeowner or commercial place is for free , there is no cost and no charge of money. 

CONFIRMED PROSPECT  it means that we get the job or project. and the pay it will be one time after is confirmed and customer will make business with perfectoremodel corp. 

the cost for your effort to get the person who will do any remodeling  in the house or commercial property is :   

 $ 50  

and for any small handyman work : $ 20 

  1. if you know somebody who needs to do in his/her house or commercial properties, that information about that person is valuable.
  2. you work online placing free classified ads and you can get 2,3,5 people weekly,  more prospects - you make a lot of money weekly or monthly just from Home.
  3. maybe one of your relative, cousin, friends or whoever is speaking about to fix something, then that is an information, you only need phone number and name of the person.
  4. if you want to advertise anywhere like putting flyers, talking with people, texting to people, calling or email them, social media, whatever channel you choose and get people who is interested in improving or remodel their property. 
  5. anything you do as long as you get phone number, name and maybe what they need, then that is an important information that you will make money.
  6.  you will make money if your prospect give us work, $ 50 us dollar total.


  • we only need your first name, last name, phone number and an email
  • you will get an email and you will accept it to your bank account information – that email is from chase bank where your money will be accepted by you.
  • if you have chase account , bank of america, tdbank or any bank, all united states bank is valid.
  • we can pay by western union , moneygram or any US bank you or somebody have. 


call or text message at this phone number (516)500-1995 your name,last name,phone 

number to reach you, email and also your referral information:

if you see in the foot of our website www.perfectoremodel.com ONLINE it means I am in front of the computer – you can contact me.


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