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Painting works include a lot of style


Painting Interior and  Exterior

                   With so many years and having training all the time, we are professional in make perfect paint lines between walls and ceiling or floors and walls .. well thanks to many home owners that we worked. In their house we've always been well received because they know that our hands is qualified to make this specials works. After to do many work by your neighborhood we are always pleased to give you what you need here in all our pictures you will see deck painted, shed painted , complete bedroom or some walls, beautiful bathroom . All interior in the houses painted with 1 o several colors , we can use machine spray paint, and also there are times that people wants to rejuvenate the paint outside walls and windows/doors or

 simply people want to change their taste and want to see their house , their room with another color,   

                       before all painting , we inspect and tell you if how it is going to finish when I explain you that it need to prepare all surface like power wash, caulk lines , gaps , scrapes some places , primer and painted the area. All paint finish in the walls . ceiling or everywhere we paint it need to finish all pure color. you will see the big difference between not painted for years than painted recently . 

Residential House Painting here in long island NY

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Everything is written it means all details of the work will be written on paper, clarification is the key before start any work.




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Residential House Painting PerfectoRemodel corp.

Residential House Painting


 We know you have several options

when it comes to painting your home. Painting the interior or exterior of your home yourself can be a big pain. Even hiring a contractor to paint can cause a lot of frustrations! At PerfectoRemodel corp. is an interactive communication with the same owner of the company , friendly , custom estimate , unique price and confidential


Painting we aim to make the process easy and pain free. Having your house painted right and looking great is a given. . We go above and beyond just having your job done right, but providing stellar communication and customer service. Some examples of this include the following:


·        We provide professional color consulting

·        official work order form prior to starting work

·        job status

·        reports given to you end of each day by phone, sms, email …

Most properties will require painting on a regular basis to keep them in good condition. The time

between repainting will depend upon the location of the house, the weather, the quality of paint

was used before, and how many coat of paint was done, and finally the preparation.

 Care is required to select the correct paint system, to prepare the surfaces and to apply the primer, undercoat and topcoat.

 Paint failure is usually the result of inadequate preparation and poor application. We buy the best tools so our painting work comes incomparable, inpecable and fine , fine work. 

what we paint or stain : 

  • deck painting
  • drywall painting 
  • shed painting
  • apartment
  • drylock painting in the basement 
  • siding painting
  • flooring painting
  • garage epoxy painting 
  • office or commercial painting 
  • use of stain, poly on the wood flooring  
  • ================================================================                                Commercial Painting Services

                        Whether you’re looking to have your warehouse painted from top to bottom, or looking to have your office looking fresh with a new coat of paint, our team at PERFECTOREMODEL CORP. Painting provides all levels of commercial painting solutions. We are commercial painting contractors based out of Huntington station New york.  that serve all parts of the Greater NEW YORK CITY AND LONG ISLAND. Area.

    Regardless of your commercial painting needs, we provide custom tailored solutions for any business. We are able to paint your workplace in a way that doesn’t interfere with your day to day processes, and are flexible upon scheduling and timing of your commercial painting needs. We are able to paint in strategic sections at a time, or even during periods outside of your normal business hours. Overall, we make sure that our painting services are completed in such a way that does not hinder your overall business process, and guarantees the best possible results.

    Our commercial painting services provide businesses with top quality paint solutions. We make sure to paint your space in the exact colour desired, always ensuring that the application is consistent, streak-free and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want your office walls painted a vibrant colour, or need your warehouse walls painted with a clean white – we do it all. If you need your warehouse floors painted, or need an anti-slip paint solution for your restaurant kitchen, we can accommodate these unique commercial painting needs too!

    We’ve been in the commercial painting business for many years, and we always ensure that our workmanship is of the highest quality, and make sure our processes aren’t a hindrance to your day to day operations!

    Ready to get your commercial painting project underway? Call us today at (516)828-1324 for more information


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