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Deck work

               Proper deck cleaning and staining is crucial to longevity. Over time, mold, mildew, and dirt accumulate on your deck’s surface as your sealant slowly gets worn away. Power washing gives your deck a heavy-duty clean, while a fresh coat of sealant protects your deck from water damage and everyday wear and tear. Unfortunately, however, if done incorrectly, deck pressure washing can easily mar your wood, causing permanent damage to your deck. That’s why we’ve worked with chemists over almost 20 years to perfect our exclusive 3-step deck cleaning and deck sealing process.

The Renew Crew Clean
Here’s how our signature 3-step process works:

    Our proprietary foam softens grey wood fibers so they can be gently rinsed away
The foam clings, soaking in deep to emulsify and lift away embedded dirt.

  The environmentally friendly, non-chlorine formula kills mold and mildew without harming your landscaping or bleaching the luster from your wood
Our proprietary, UV-blocking polymer mix penetrates the wood, providing the longest lasting possible seal against the elements
Our sealant also guards against future dirt and mold build-up, allowing you to go longer between cleanings
Make Your Deck Look New Again
     An old dog may not be able to learn new tricks, but there’s no reason your old deck can’t look brand new again. After our 3-step process, years’ worth of grit and grime will be removed along with any discolored gray wood fibers, revealing gleaming, new-looking wood underneath. And deck pressure washing has other benefits besides aesthetics: by removing the mold, mildew, and dirt and re-sealing your deck, you’ll be protecting it from the elements and adding literal years to your deck’s life.
        It’s time already to start thinking about your deck’s future: call us today to get your free estimate for power washing your deck. thank you ..perfectoremodel corp.

Deck Construction and Remodeling 

      A professionally built or remodeled deck can be a wonderful extension to the exterior of your home —                                          while also providing a great place to relax and entertain guests.
           The experienced deck builders at Absolute Remodeling can start building your dream deck today! A new deck can also increase the value of your home and be the one thing that sets your home apart in your neighborhood.
                 A deck can be a worthwhile investment that can pay off with the right deck contractor.
You can always rely on our deck building perfectoremodel corp.company  for quality services and skilled craftsmanship. Greater deck remodeling experts know firsthand that the sleet, snow, rain, heat and humidity in long island or nyc. can be an extreme environment for your deck — 

        While your outdoor deck may appear to be a simple wooden structure, a new york deck must withstand a lot of wear and tear. Make sure yours is built right with expert deck construction from the professional deck contractors at our remodeling company. Our craftsmen have been at it for years — earning a reputation as solid as the decks we build.
             The Absolute Remodeling deck construction and remodeling team is innovative, creative and professional and will treat your deck building and remodeling project with care and insight from start to finish!
               To request a free in-home remodeling consultation and estimate,

 call here (516)828-1324 or (631)629-4242
Fence & Deck Painting & Staining

At PerfectoRemodel corp. Painting, we provide customers with exterior paint solutions that have their property looking brand new again. Whether you’re looking to have your deck stained or your fence painted, we have the skills, know-how and equipment to get the job done beautifully, on-time and on budget!

Deck Painting & Deck Staining

       When it comes to deck painting and deck staining, we work with our clients to make sure that the best course of action is undertaken, and the best possible results are achieved. First we prepare your deck for painting, cleaning off all debris and identify any boards that need replacing or modification before deck painting or deck staining proceeds.
                      We then apply the paint of your choosing, or apply a matching paint for touchup jobs, and ensure that the paint is applied evenly and dries without bubbling or cracking. Finally, we inspect the deck painting / deck staining application, review all work and touch up any areas of concern as necessary.

Fence Painting & Fence Staining

At PerfectoRemodel corp. Painting Services, we offer top quality fence painting and fence staining solutions. Whether you’re looking to have your fence painted a solid colour, or wish to have its natural wood qualities amplified through fence staining, we provide custom fence services. We make sure that all of fence paint and stain is applied thoroughly, covers all sides of the fence, and most importantly, looks great! We work with clients to make sure they choose the optimal paints or stains, and provide insights into colour or shade selection.

Looking to get your deck or fence painted/stained? Call us today at (516)828-1324, or (631)629-4242  to contact us for a free quote!


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