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                Many home improvement experts will tell you that performing your own home demolition before a remodeling project is a great way to save overhead on the project by utilizing sweat equity. It's true that PERFECTOREMODEL CORP.  demolition involving tearing down drywall, ripping up floors, and 'un-framing' walls isn't exactly a practice that requires years of experience in the carpentry field.

                   Even so there's really no replacement for residential and commercial demolition from a trained crew for efficiency, safety, and to keep the project on schedule. Home demolition may be easy and perhaps even fun, but the cleanup is a real buzzkill.

Standard Interior Demolition

              Interior demolition services are best performed by professionals with experience in the structure of a home because the risk of serious damage is so great. Before a homeowner goes tearing into walls with a sledgehammer they need to know where plumbing lines and electrical wiring are located.

                The demolition is also doing the remodeling will know what needs to come down and what needs to stay, thus saving costly and unnecessary replacement of walls, floors, ceilings, etc.

Exterior Demolition

         Out structures, siding, decks,roof  etc. are another part of the professional demolition service for the exterior of a home. Residential demolition also includes the risky removal of chimneys, walls, and other features that may need special tools and safety equipment to accomplish the task. Commercial demolition in long island ny has included high rise work on office buildings, and other areas of the city that have undergone a professional facelift.

Hazardous Material Demolition

                  Another reason for the homeowner to call for professional demolition services is because of the risks not only to the home, but to their health as well. Hazardous material demolition includes the safe and proper tear down and disposal of items such as mold, light bulbs ...etc ... 


Perhaps the best reason to hire commercial and residential demolition isn't to avoid the physical labor, it's to make sure the area is properly cleaned up afterward. Large scale bins and removal equipment take the pain out of home demolition and as a follow up we ensure 100% satisfaction with the clean-up process.

               For commercial and residential demolition at perfectoremodel corp. Home Improvement service you by calling 516-828-1324  or visiting our contact page. Our team of dedicated demolition experts are waiting to get started on the tear-down and subsequent build up of your home today. 

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